Smart House

When managing your entertainment and home systems, we strive to provide easy-to-use controls that are very effective. We specialize in integrating the right amount of technology throughout your home so you can easily control everything you need to from the palm of your hand using your phone or tablet. We also ensure you have redundant local controls that anyone in the household can use. We believe in the balance of cutting-edge technology with solid, reliable functionality and reliability.

Sawyers Controls smart house solutions include:

• Thermostat and temperature controls – Our app-driven choices deliver simple access and remarkable comfort and convenience.

Lighting controls – Programmed with your custom settings (including dusk to dawn, astrological clocks, or set schedules) or interactive with the touch of a button on your phone or tablet, our lighting control solutions make life easy. Our solutions can be hardwired or use RF, Zigbee, Z-Wave, or Wi-Fi.

Door locks and gate/garage door controls – Was it closed? Did you lock it? Using today’s Internet-based products and solutions, we deliver peace of mind for our clients every day and night.

System integration – With solutions that work from your touchscreen, tablet, or smart phone, our integrated designs provide user friendly, reliable, and durable solutions that work whether you are in your living room or across the country.