Residential Security

We are experts on perimeter security detection and protection, so you will know your home and possessions are safe. But we also go well beyond the basics. Our security designs can also help prevent the spread of fires and detect floods or freezing temperatures with sensors that alert you to any abnormal conditions that might need attention.

Sawyers Controls offers top-of-the-line security services, including:

Perimeter protection with internal “traps” or secondary lines of defense

Certified fire alarms based upon smoke and heat detectors that integrate with your system to save lives and your home

Environmental monitoring featuring early-warning sensors that reduce the risk of damage from water leaks or sub-freezing temperatures

Remote video surveillance that allows you to monitor your house and security feeds in real time when you’re away or on the go

24-hour central station monitoring and dispatches that allow the proper authorities to quickly respond and help protect you and your home

Real-time, easy-to-use interfaces that connect all of your systems to your smart phone or mobile device