Imagine watching sports and movies with a picture as rich and beautiful as any theater, listening to music streaming through speakers that are perfectly calibrated for your room and your preferences, or sitting down after a crazy day and pulling up your favorite TV show on the big screen with a simple touch on your smartphone. Sawyers Controls can make it happen.

We are experts in:

Whole-house music systems featuring a wide spectrum of speakers that sound great and blend seamlessly into any room

High-definition TV displays, including the latest flat screen Ultra HD/4K technology

Streaming music from brands such as SONOS that make your favorites and playlists easy to access and enjoy

Video on demand that integrates seamlessly with your system so you can watch your favorite TV and movies available anytime you want

Enhanced Wi-Fi coverage that generates great signal strength to every corner of your home so you can enjoy browsing, gaming, tweeting, chatting, and all kinds of web-based media with blazing speed